I've gotten into a good rhythm with all of the GPTs and paid survey sites that I work with, so I've joined a few more to add to my monthly income. Here is a little bit about each of the free money making sites that I've discovered.

Deal Barbie
Deal Barbie is a GPT that is really popular, especially with stay at home moms. They have a $20 minimum cashout and pay with your choice of PayPal, check, or Amazon gift card.

Race 4 Clicks
Race 4 Clicks is an easy GPT site that has a super low payout and they give you a 50 cent sign up bonus. This site has ads that you can view for seconds and get paid and also has other free GPT sites that they pay you to join. The have a minimum of $2 cashout via PayPal and $5 minimum via check.

Race 4 Offers
Race 4 Offers is a GPT that is very user friendly and has a low minimum cashout of $10. They pay via PayPal or check. With Race 4 Offers you can make money by viewing ads, completing offers, and referring new members.