Unfortunately, when completing offers on GPTs you must supply authentic information. Entering fake phone numbers and addresses will get you banned from the GPTs. But, very few of us enjoy being bothered by telemarketers at our home phone number, or even worse, on our cell phones.

There is a solution, and it's free! K7 Unified Messaging will give you a free phone number that will accept voicemails and faxes. You can access your messages via their website, via your email, or both (it's your choice). It's 100% free and the only information they require is an email address. They never ask for your mailing address, phone number, etc.

I highly recommend signing up for a free phone number with them by going to this link and using that number when completing GPT offers.

This site is a completely free service. They have no referral program, etc. So, I don't benefit in anyway by referring people to this site.