Your referrals, or people you recruit to join a GPT or paid survey site under you, are your downline. You can easily go from earning $20 a month to hundreds by building your downline. I've even see people earn as much as $1,500 by building up an awesome downline. Anyone can have a huge downline. All it takes is time.

Below I've created a list of various ways you can advertise your referral link so that you can build your downline.

1) Email a quick ad to your friends and family.
2) Put a brief ad in your signature that you use in all forums that you post in. Also, get very active in a variety of forums to spread your link around.
3) Advertise in forums that allow it. Just make quality posts in forums that don't allow ads and let your signature do the work for you.
4) Make a blog or website.
5) Make a Squido lens (I will be doing this myself this summer).
6) Write an ad on your paper money. After I cash my GPT and paid survey checks I write the following ad on my money: "I made this money at" or I'll write "I made this money online. Learn how at ""
7) Make flyers and post them around where you live and/or travel.
8) Mail out ads either as letters or save money and mail out postcards. If it looks like junk mail from the envelope, people will toss it without even opening it, so a postcard is more likely to get read any way.
9) Talk in chat rooms that are about "easy money" or "working from home."
10) Put an ad in the classifieds.
11) Talk to passersby at a local college and hand out flyers.
12) Put an ad on your car so everyone sees your link when you're driving around.
13) Have a button made up and where it. It could read, "I make money online for free" or "ask me how I make free money."
14) Have business cards made and pass them out at every opportunity.
15) Put your referral link in your email signature